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NEW, The Hole in One Vodka for your favorite golfer!  Fuzzy Zoeller, 10 time winner on the PGA Tour, has created his own ultra premium vodka.  It’s handcrafted and batch distilled from grain and Cascade mountain spring water, then charcoal filtered 10 times; 100% American-Made brand.   Enjoy after the 18th Hole!   Another, we had it first at My Sherry &more,

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It’s officially Summertime and everyone wants to look good in as little as possible to beat the heat.  To help aid in this effort, the beverage industry has come out with entire lines of Lo-Cal alcoholic drinks this season. Last year Bethenny brought us “Skinny Girl Margarita” while Jose Cuervo, knowing quite a bit about tequila, challenged it with their 100 calorie “Light Margarita” at a lower price point.  Needless to say, Skinny Girl won out and added a Cosmopolitan to their brand for the calorie-conscious.  This year vodkas have joined the list of diet drinks, and there are several...

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Did you know that you can pretty much make vodka out of any grain, fruit or honey?  Yeah, and I don’t mean infused with these flavors.  We’re talking distilled from wheat, corn, potato, grapes, oranges, apples and honey.  Pretty ingenious! 4 Orange is a brand of premium vodka made from four distinct varieties of Florida oranges; Parson Brown, Valencia, Temple and Hamlin make it a true citrus treat. Our friends at Finger Lakes Distilling create their vodka by distilling local grapes.  Their brand is known as The Vintner’s Vodka, fruity and floral. The Cupcake brand of vodka uses...

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Just in!  Low calorie vodka, Voli - from France compliments of Pitbull & Fergie!

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