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Summer Jam

It’s officially Summertime and everyone wants to look good in as little as possible to beat the heat.  To help aid in this effort, the beverage industry has come out with entire lines of Lo-Cal alcoholic drinks this season.

Last year Bethenny brought us “Skinny Girl Margarita” while Jose Cuervo, knowing quite a bit about tequila, challenged it with their 100 calorie “Light Margarita” at a lower price point.  Needless to say, Skinny Girl won out and added a Cosmopolitan to their brand for the calorie-conscious.  This year vodkas have joined the list of diet drinks, and there are several major competitors.  We feel that Voli is the Winner.

Voli is a premium brand of French vodka which has been around for a few years.  However, its original distributor did little to promote this unknown but high quality vodka, so Voli, not only changed distributors, it took on new owners who would sing its praises; Pitbull and Fergie.

Voli is hand crafted by master distillers in Cognac France of fine, multi-distilled  wheat and pure spring water.  Their flavored vodkas are made with all natural flavors, and all contain electrolytes.  Guess that means that you can work-out, sip a cocktail and lose weight all at the same time.

Voli comes in original “Lyte”, “Lemon”, “Orange Vanilla Fusion”, “Espresso Vanilla Fusion” and “Raspberry Cocoa Fusion” and retails for about $27 a liter.  Our favorite is the Espresso.  Voli; lighten your spirits - at about 60 calories per ounce!   www/


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