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Although it has been 80 years since the ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment which repealed the Eighteenth Amendment, there are many states which have only just begun producing alcohol again.The Koval distillery is the first craft distillery within Chicago’s city limits since Prohibition.  It started operation in 2008, sourcing their grains from the surrounding mid-west region, and they are certified organic and kosher.  The white Chicago whiskey and the Lion’s Pride millet are the two spirits we liked best.  However, their liqueurs are even more delicious, with the Chrysanthemum & Honey winning our hearts and palates!   Their priced at:...

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That’s what separates the Ardmore and GlenDronach distilleries in the Highland region of Speyside, home to quite a few other distilleries as well.  Yet, the finished products offered by these two houses are so different, that they seem as if they could come from entirely different categories of whisky. GlenDronach 12 year old offers the creamy smoothness so often associated with the Speyside malts.  According to Michael Jackson, the coal-fired direct-flame stills used at GlenDronach are responsible for more pronounced caramel and toffee notes than in many other whiskies from the region.  He explains precisely why in his Complete Guide...

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Or Speyside or Campbeltown?  Or perhaps Lowland?On second thought, why choose?  At My Sherry &more, we make it easy to try them all by having whiskies from all five Scottish whisky producing regions right here under one roof.Of course, we all have a particular favorite or two, but right now we’d like to showcase 2 lesser known single malts in the $40-$60 range.Springbank Ten is matured in sherry and bourbon casks and is produced by 1 of the only 2 distilleries in Campbeltown; the Springbank Distillery.  It has a range of aromas and tastes of spices with a salty tang....

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This is how we say “Happy Saint Patrick’s Day” at MySherry &more!

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Come by and check out our Super Bowl of Single Malts!

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