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That’s what separates the Ardmore and GlenDronach distilleries in the Highland region of Speyside, home to quite a few other distilleries as well.  Yet, the finished products offered by these two houses are so different, that they seem as if they could come from entirely different categories of whisky. GlenDronach 12 year old offers the creamy smoothness so often associated with the Speyside malts.  According to Michael Jackson, the coal-fired direct-flame stills used at GlenDronach are responsible for more pronounced caramel and toffee notes than in many other whiskies from the region.  He explains precisely why in his Complete Guide...

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Whenever we start talking about single malt whiskies, it feels as though there’s a built in assumption that we’re talking about Scotch.  Well, what better time to break out of that silly little rut (granted, if one has to be stuck in a rut, then a single malt Scotch rut is a pretty good choice) than now, when we should all be Irish for a day.  And what better way to celebrate than with a delicious Irish single malt. Two in particular come to mind immediately.   The first is Knappogue Castle 12 year, a crisp, unpeated, slightly citrusy, refreshing whiskey...

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