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Ahem….  No, we have not changed our format and gone all bakery on you.  We’re still very much a wine and spirit boutique.  So a seemingly odd question, right?  Well, it would be except for the new rye we just got in from Catoctin Creek Distillery in Virginia.On the nose and at the front of the palate, Roundstone Rye is unmistakeably a traditional, classic rye.  Then, at the back of the palate and on the finish, it delivers an absolutely delightful surprise.  The warmth of the whisky, combined with a spicy nuttiness along with a touch of vanilla evokes freshly...

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Although it has been 80 years since the ratification of the Twenty-first Amendment which repealed the Eighteenth Amendment, there are many states which have only just begun producing alcohol again.The Koval distillery is the first craft distillery within Chicago’s city limits since Prohibition.  It started operation in 2008, sourcing their grains from the surrounding mid-west region, and they are certified organic and kosher.  The white Chicago whiskey and the Lion’s Pride millet are the two spirits we liked best.  However, their liqueurs are even more delicious, with the Chrysanthemum & Honey winning our hearts and palates!   Their priced at:...

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Come by and check out our Super Bowl of Single Malts!

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Old Potrero 18th Century Style Whiskey.  Traditional pot distilled Single Malt.

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Did you know that you can pretty much make vodka out of any grain, fruit or honey?  Yeah, and I don’t mean infused with these flavors.  We’re talking distilled from wheat, corn, potato, grapes, oranges, apples and honey.  Pretty ingenious! 4 Orange is a brand of premium vodka made from four distinct varieties of Florida oranges; Parson Brown, Valencia, Temple and Hamlin make it a true citrus treat. Our friends at Finger Lakes Distilling create their vodka by distilling local grapes.  Their brand is known as The Vintner’s Vodka, fruity and floral. The Cupcake brand of vodka uses...

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