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They arrived first in Tennessee, then Kentucky and now they're here in New York.  Corsair Distillery, maker of one of our all time favorites, "Triple Smoke" has an amazing new release aptly named, "Rasputin".  This whiskey had been on Corsair's experimental list for the few years.  It has now been perfected. Rasputin is made by first brewing a traditional Russian Imperial stout beer.  Then when they distill they pass the new whiskey vapors through hops, adding spicy floral notes to the big malt and chocolate flavors of the mash.  It is aged in charred oak barrels which adds vanilla and...

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Those of you who know us at My Sherry &more, understand that artisanal spirits are more than a business plan; they're our passion.  Whenever possible we secure samples each time we bring a new brand to our marketplace so that we can share a taste with you. This passion is not ours alone.  Posh restaurants recognize the quality and craftmanship of these master distillers and what they can bring to a cocktail.  The Red Hat on the River is one of these restaurants which continually introduces its patrons to small distilleries through an ever changing specialty cocktail list.  What is...

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Come to think of it, it probably is your daddy’s bourbon.  But thanks to the vagaries of marketing, it almost certainly isn’t your bourbon.  It’s Old Grand Dad.  For decades, Old Grand Dad was a nearly iconic presence on the American spirit industry landscape.  Throughout most of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, it was almost impossible to read a magazine without coming across an Old Grand Dad ad (one of which, from around 1980, is above).  But it’s popularity wasn’t just the result of a clever advertising campaign.  The fact is, Old Grand Dad has always been a consistently smooth,...

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