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American Ingenuity

Did you know that you can pretty much make vodka out of any grain, fruit or honey?  Yeah, and I don’t mean infused with these flavors.  We’re talking distilled from wheat, corn, potato, grapes, oranges, apples and honey.  Pretty ingenious!

4 Orange is a brand of premium vodka made from four distinct varieties of Florida oranges; Parson Brown, Valencia, Temple and Hamlin make it a true citrus treat.

Our friends at Finger Lakes Distilling create their vodka by distilling local grapes.  Their brand is known as The Vintner’s Vodka, fruity and floral.

The Cupcake brand of vodka uses grapes as well, but marries theirs with grain and then distills it 6 times. It’s one of my favorites, especially at the price point.

But Comb vodka is “still the one” who really stands out with their unique method of distilling spirits from honey.  Located right here in Westchester County, they are the bee’s knees!

These are but a taste of what nature has to offer through master distillers all over the US.  Until recently I would never have believed that alcohol could be so healthy!  :))


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