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The Prisoner truly is... “one of a kind”. When Dave Phinney (founder) launched the wine in 2003, there really was no other wine like it. Inspired and created by the drinkable “mixed blacks” first made by the Italian immigrants who originally settled in the Napa Valley, it was innovative and unique. In the late '90s a handful of Napa producers took an interest in making this style of wine. The blend soon began to incorporate not only Zinfandel, but also Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Petite Sirah, Charbono, and Grenache. Orin Swift 2010 "The Prisoner" is aged in a combination of new...

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The 2012 Beaujolais arrived last Thursday and although this harvest of Gamay grapes from Burgundy was not large in quantity, it was high in quality as the berries were small and concentrated, making it much more interesting vintage.Most people when they think of Beaujolais Nouveau, they think George Duboeuf.  Duboeuf is only one label that that this very young wine is bottled under.  However, they are the largest producer of it, and other inexpensive French wines.  This year they have bottled a surprisingly flavorful rendition, but as in years past, Joseph Drouhin’s bottling blows it away.Maison Joseph Drouhin has been...

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