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The Russians are coming........

They arrived first in Tennessee, then Kentucky and now they're here in New York. 

Corsair Distillery, maker of one of our all time favorites, "Triple Smoke" has an amazing new release aptly named, "Rasputin".  This whiskey had been on Corsair's experimental list for the few years.  It has now been perfected.

Rasputin is made by first brewing a traditional Russian Imperial stout beer.  Then when they distill they pass the new whiskey vapors through hops, adding spicy floral notes to the big malt and chocolate flavors of the mash.  It is aged in charred oak barrels which adds vanilla and caramel.  The end result is a rich, very complex hopped whiskey.

Corsair was founded by childhood friends, Darek Bell and Andrew Webber, who began home-brewing beer and wine in the Bell’s garage.  They hit a snag while working on a prototype bio-diesel plant, causing Andrew to remark that making whiskey would be much more satisfying.  The idea stuck, and the two soon found themselves studying distilleries and spirits.  Soon after, Corsair Distillery was founded.

The story doesn't end here.  Corsair is continually experimenting to create innovative whiskeys such as "Insane in the Grain" a 12 grain Tennessee bourbon or seasonal favorites like "Pumpkin Spice Moonshine".  Historical research shows that pumpkin was used in beers by early American colonists, and so the tradition continues.......

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