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The Right Mix

Those of you who know us at My Sherry &more, understand that artisanal spirits are more than a business plan; they're our passion.  Whenever possible we secure samples each time we bring a new brand to our marketplace so that we can share a taste with you.

This passion is not ours alone.  Posh restaurants recognize the quality and craftmanship of these master distillers and what they can bring to a cocktail.  The Red Hat on the River is one of these restaurants which continually introduces its patrons to small distilleries through an ever changing specialty cocktail list.  What is especially noteworthy is that they promote local.

Last Summer their featured selections were from Finger Lakes Distilling, a farm distillery in upstate New York, where every bottle is distilled from fruit or grains that the McKenzie's can literally see from the windows of the distillery.  We have been huge fans of theirs since 2011 when we first met Brian and purchased their New York bourbon, rye, gin and pot still.

Currently The Red Hat has gotten on board with a new distillery out of Greenpoint, Brooklyn, Greenhook Ginsmiths.  They offer a unique line of vacuum distilled gins.  The American Dry Gin is their flagship made from Tuscan juniper, elderflower, camomile and cinnamon, and then there is the Beach Plum gin liqueur, made from Long Island beach plums; dry and memorable.

So by all means keep experiencing what New York has to offer, either at the hand of your favorite barkeep or stop in and visit with us.  Taste what's new!


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