Eagle Rare

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Vital Stats: 90.4 Proof, 12 years old

Nose: Rather lean and oaky, like the inside of a sauna. There are notes of incense, clove, wood, and mint underlaid by a kind of steely minerality. With water, things get a little more floral: notes of pear cider, honey, beeswax, and red currant.

Palate: After nosing this whiskey, I worried the palate would be too astringent, but fortunately my worries were unfounded. While quite oak-inflected in the entry, the finish takes a surprising turn. After the swallow, there’s a brief, shallow burst of ethereal lemon followed by a clean and slightly tart finish with notes of cola, coffee, and bitter herbs that reminds me of a modern light-roast coffee.

Vital Stats: 107 proof 10 years old

Nose: Very clean and soft, like a fresh-washed comforter. Notes of red-skinned plum, Rainier cherry, and fresh grain combine for a fruity, sweet nose reminiscent of summer cobbler.

Palate: On the palate it’s juicy and almost unctuous, with notes of sweet honey, soft tobacco, and caramel alongside a soft, quenching acidity like a ripe peach. The finish is surprisingly warm and gingery, with a long, lingering exit. The sensation is so plush – rich and full-bodied without being hot. With water, aromas of white grape, Riesling, and Swedish fish gummy candies surface, and the palate leans woodier.